LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (12 of 20)

Killer MothMinifigure: #12 of 20 – Killer Moth
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 7
Shop: LEGO

This is our third of twenty looks at the next collectable LEGO minifigure series; the second set of figures derived from The LEGO Batman Movie. There are twenty figures in all. We’re going to take a look at each one as we get them.

The third minifigure we’re looking at is an unpopular villain from the Rogue’s Gallery. He first appeared in the Batman comics in the early 1950s. Recent versions of the character have depicted Killer Moth as a hapless character, in favor of a more dangerous and sinister villain that is quite similar, Firefly. LEGO is no different, utilizing Killer Moth as a lesser villain in their video games, and a colorful and cartoony minifigure in their LEGO sets.


And this minifigure is absolutely no different. From top to bottom, we start with the lime helmet. The helmet piece itself is made of a rubber-like material, so that the antennae flex under slight pressure. Otherwise, the helmet is plain and bulky, and because it is made of the squishy material, it becomes a little bit cumbersome to attach the helmet to the figure’s head. For the same reason, the helmet doesn’t want to stay on the figure, as it doesn’t have the same clutch power as a regular hat or helmet made by LEGO.

The minifigure head is also lime, with some great printing. The colors pop off of the face and the lines are nice and tight. The character physically exudes additional silliness with the off-putting color combinations and the way his face is drawn compared to the rest of the characters in this Batman world. While Joker’s face is definitely inhuman, its far more evil in appearance compared to this minifigure face. Before we completely leave the torso, he’ll carry that Space Ray Gun element in pearl gold. We previously got that piece in light bluish gray from the Retro Spaceman (col17-11) in the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 17.

Further down, there is the trans-neon orange fairy wings piece with the neck-bracket. We’ve gotten this piece in this color before with the previous versions of Killer Moth. Then we have the purple torso with the Killer Moth emblem on the chest and a belt print at the bottom that is continued on the back with some black lines for muscle. The printing on this figure, while it is well executed, it just seems underwhelming. Killer Moth is supposed to be a DIY goof, so one would expect his outfit to be not so “professional” looking, like the outrageously clashing legs. Maybe the moth on the chest could be less symmetrical or there could a stain or two on the torso.


Finally, of course, the black baseplate element has the yellow bat-symbol printing in yellow, as are with the rest of this series, including our next minifigure review; Jor-El. The father of Superman made a brief appearance in The LEGO Batman Movie, and now he’s forever in LEGO form. So be sure to check back soon and see what we think of his collectible minifigure!


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