LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (11 of 20)

soccer-mom-batgirlMinifigure: #11 of 20 – Bat-Merch Batgirl
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 8
Shop: LEGO

Welcome back to The Big Kid’s Table! We hope you’ve had a lovely holiday season and are having a fantastic 2018 already. We’re picking up right where we left off with our abbreviated holiday break. Today we’re taking a look at the LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure from Wave 2,Soccer Mom Batgirl. It’s a figure that appears quickly in the film, when Batman is rifling through options for Barbara Gordon’s heroic alter ego. Here’s how LEGO translated the character into LEGO form.

img_1928From top to bottom, we’re starting with a new element that probably won’t see the light of day ever again. It’s a hood element that we’ve gotten numerous times before, but it’s altered to have lopsided bat ears with yellow print for the iconic bat symbol on the forehead. We appreciate LEGO going out of their way to make the collectible minifigures exclusive. However, to go through the expense of making a mold that probably won’t ever be used again seems like an unnecessary expense. Normally, the exclusive elements are used in the future in different colors to keep the exclusivity of the original elements. And we don’t foresee this piece being used for anything else, but we welcome the opportunity to stand corrected in the future.

Under that hood we have the minifigure head in medium dark flesh. The print is mask-like as the hood is open, unlike other Bat-characters where they have the mouth and eyes open. The print is underwhelming in its execution. While the color is solid and doesn’t allow the color of the mold underneath through, the shape isn’t sharp or impressive. It looks like an ordinary party mask in a matte paint that just lays on the the face.

On the torso there is that fantastic print, with crisp lines and great colors.
And then there’s the yellow printed lines on the arms, to make them look like a sporty windbreaker or jacket. img_1929There’s the usual utility belt that we’ve gotten so many times now, with all of the Batman figures since the movie sets came out. And then the tracksuit motif continues with the yellow striped print on the right leg and that crisp lettering.

Aside from all of that, included, are also two 1×2 tiles with an interesting print on them that we’ve also not received before. The tiles are being described as “Bat Bucks.” We’re not sure where they come from or where they would be used, but the prints remind us of something you would see from Batman Forever. And then you get the baseplate that comes with all of the figures of this series with that yellow print. She’s not our favorite figure in the series by any stretch of the imagination, but Soccer Mom Batgirl sure is collectible. And to further prove that, she comes with a secondary faceprint. The mask is the same, but the mouth is different than the one on the front.


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