LEGO Batman Movie The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918) Review

bat buggyThe LEGO Batman Movie Bat-Dune Buggy (70918)
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $19.99
Pieces: 198
Minifigures: 2
Shop: LEGO

In all honesty, this set was purchased to get the Captain Boomerang minifigure. That’s it. The price of the set was small enough, I’ve got a million Batman minifigures from all of the previous LEGO Batman minifigures. I just wanted a version of Captain Boomerang that didn’t stink; unlike the version that came out around the same time as Suicide Squad. That reasoning may seem silly, and I’m not a fan of the character, but look at this little guy!

img_1957The camp just drips off of this guy. The color combination of the blue and the white and the black is perfect. The off-kilter hat in blue is wonderful to get, as we’ve gotten it plenty of times in white. The printing is crisp and wonderful. The white sash on the torso to act as a belt is great. The dual-molding of blue and black on the legs is phenomenal to get, and easily used in MOCs, because it isn’t necessarily character specific. The face has a nice print, with the light sideburns, is fun. There is no alternate face because of the style of the hat but it doesn’t matter. This minifigure is great. Great. Great. Great!

Now, that that’s settled, and there’s more to this set, let’s look at the Bat-Dune Buggy. For such a small little vehicle, it sure is a fun build. There’s four full sized tires on either side of a six-stud-wide build. There’s a number of sub-assemblies with studs-on-the-side building from front to back and side to side. There’s a stud shooter on either side and two stickers; the Batsymbol on the front and the “EXHAUST” on the top toward the back. img_1959 And even the rear wheels have a suspension that works with two red rubber bands that hide underneath, working together because of a dark bluish gray Technic connector in the rear.

And naturally, you get a Batman minifigure. The dual-faces are the same that we’ve gotten every time, the prints on the torsos are the same. And the cape is the newer, soft material that doesn’t wrinkle. Not everyone can afford the big LEGO Batman Movie sets. So, this little set, with the Captain Boomerang, is an inexpensive way to get that Batman minifigure, along with the Bat-Dune Buggy — a great little build that serves as a great little toy is worth every penny.

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