LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (5 of 20)

Mermaid BatmanMinifigure: #5 of 20 – Mermaid Batman
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 6
Shop: LEGO

Everyone needs a Batman dressed as a mermaid. You watch the LEGO Batman Movie and, real quick, you see a flash of him with the tail and the whatnot. How do you not clamor for that? Clamor no more, for this almost completely exclusive minifigure.

And then you get another exclusive minifigure head with Batmanimg_1926 cheesing a broad smile from light fleshed cheek to light fleshed cheek. There is no secondary face print on the back, but the black band with the white eyes is there as usual with Batman’s face. The cowl. It’s the same cowl as always.

The torso is all light flesh colored with great lines for muscles. The utility belt is a print this time; which is great. The print is great and we have a bunch of those belt elements all over the house. And those printed seashells over the Batnips are a nice touch, making Batman, officially a mermaid and not merman. Because, while we’re totally inclusive at The Big Kid’s Table, we need our fictitious Batmen to be gender specific. The arms and hands are also light flesh colored, but on the back there’s more muscle lines printed above the printed utility belt that continues on the back.

Look at that brand new merman fin element. It’s big and makes this figure hard to img_1927miss inside the blind bag, and it’s totally worth feeling out. The element comes in black and has the light bluish gray gills printed on the front. They could have stopped with the brand new piece, but to go the extra mile with the printing is a nice touch.

That’s where the exclusivity comes to a full halt, which is more than fine. That merman element is worth every penny. Anyway, there’s the baseplate in black with the yellow batsymbol printing, that we’ve seen with the rest of the line, and then the black trident as an accessory. While we’ve gotten the trident in numerous colors in numerous sets before, we’ve only received it once before in black. It first appeared in black with the Series 16 Collectible Minifigure Imp (col16-4), making it easier to find. I bet it would like nice as a fence post or some sort of detail on a haunted house or some such.


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