LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (7 of 20)

Tropical JokerMinifigure: #7 of 20 – Vacation Joker
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 9
Shop: LEGO

If you’re one of the cool kids, and what avid adult fan of a buildable child’s toy isn’t, then this minifigure is up your alley. Because, The Joker. And rightfully, so, too. This version, the LEGO Batman Movie version, of Joker has been well done, from the the printing all of the way to the detail of the molding in that hairpiece. The LEGO Batman Movie version of the Clown img_1920Prince of Crime is busy and even moreso, Vacation Joker, and so here’s why we’ll take a pass.

Again, the hairpiece is molded wonderfully; the lines of wavy hair show just fine in green. We’ve gotten the piece in this color eight other times in this color. By now, you can see it in your incepted dreams.

And then all of the things!

You get the minifigure head in white, with the green printing for the eyebrows, gold printed frames, and printed lenses in pink. There’s two faces, front and back (where the hidden face isn’t completely covered by the hairpiece), where the printed smile has the teeth open or clenched. When the teeth are open, the eyebrows are arched in elation. When the teeth are clenched, the eyebrows bow, and look more sinister. It’s just a lot to look at.

The medium azure torso has fine black lines to represent seams, with a white band of printing with red palm trees on top, in a Hawaiian style — front and back. The arms are dual-molded in medium azure and white, with the printing from earlier versions of this Joker with the ace and spades tattoos printed on the white. img_1921The hips are dark purple and the legs are dual-molded in dark purple and white, with black printing to look like flip flops on the white feet.

We’ve gotten the inflatable duckie device in yellow from Batman in the previous wave. Well, now it’s Joker’s turn. This duck comes in lime, with a green hair swirl, a purple patch to cover a hole in the rubber, and a red bill to match the Joker’s mouth. It’s a fun element, even in the yellow, but you’re not really going to be able to use it anywhere else. However, you also get a trans clear round 1×1 plate, a black camera element, and the trans neon green lollipop element that have been included in so many sets before.

That’s a lot! All of that printing and all of those parts! Exclamation points!

Listen, we don’t mean to seem ungrateful. We like getting stuff in our LEGO products, especially after the price of the blind bags went up. And the execution of this minifigure and his printing and molding is top notch. But he’s so busy, it leaves us to pine for something less. Like yesterday was nice. That Mermaid Batman was less and nice.

Come back soon when we cover MORE!


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