LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (9 of 20)

Vacation BatgirlMinifigure: #9 of 20 – Vacation Batgirl
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 8
Shop: LEGO

Batgirl’s other appearance in this series is far more recognizable this go around compared to Bat-Merch Batgirl. She comes with the dark purple Batgirl cowl with the recessed stud in the back. We’ve gotten this cowl in other LEGO Batman Movie sets; once in white for Joker Manor (70922). In conjunction with that recessed stud comes the ponytail element in dark red. We’re excited to see what people decided to do with this elements in MOCs as these parts become more and more img_1924prevalent. Also included with this minifigure is the yellow utility belt that has been in just about every other LEGO Batman Movie set. And before we move on to the exclusive and more interesting parts of this minifigure, baseplate.

Batgirl comes with a dark purple minifigure head. Her face is printed on top of that in the medium dark flesh print, and then the black lines, and then white pupils and lips. It may seem odd that we’re drawing special attention to that process. However, lately, LEGO hasn’t been very successful with the printing of a color swath for a face. There were a few figures from The LEGO Ninjago Movie figures where the color of the minifigure head bleeds through, or the color print of the face isn’t dark or thick enough. It seems as though, maybe, LEGO has figured out how to fix that situation. Good on them!

The torso looks great. It’s dark purple still, with great printing for Batgirl’s wetsuit. The symbol on the chest is very specific, and the gender specific printing lines make this torso incredibly specific. So, MOCing is pretty much out, unless you’re putting together other variations of Batgirl. The back of the torso has a great print, with a fine looking zipper. The arms are dual-molded with dark purple over medium dark flesh. That’s an extra mile that’s always appreciated, making for crisp lines from the clothing line to the flesh toned line. There’s never any bleed over.

The legs are dual-molded, too! Crazy, right? The hips and legs are dark purple over medium dark flesh, img_1925for the barefoot look. The printing on the torso continues into the hips and down into the legs almost seamlessly. There is an ever-so-slight gap at the top of the hips, but that will normally be covered by the utility belt that sits between the torso and hips. Just make sure you have the belt in there, right side up, and sitting in the right direction.

The surfboard is the standard version. For the first time, that we can find, it’s in yellow. That element has come in fifteen other sets, and has been produced in five other colors. More options are great. However, on the nose of this yellow board, there’s of course, a bat symbol in relief, in dark purple. So, again, because of branding, MOCs are pretty much out.

Be sure to come back tomorrow. We’re winding down this series and moving on to more, bigger things! And we’re excited to announce we’ve added more members to our table, and so you should be hearing from them soon enough. Pull up a chair to the Big Kids Table. Bring a friend.


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