LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (10 of 20)

Vacation AlfredMinifigure: #10 of 20 – Vacation Alfred Pennyworth
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 8
Shop: LEGO

We positively love Alfred Pennyworth. He’s a wealth of fatherly advice and his loyalty never fails. It doesn’t matter if he’s in LEGO form, a cartoon, or an actual human. Alfred is the best. What better way to top of a king than with that amazing bald head element? Look at it! Right, we know. We’ve already talked about it when we covered Disco Alfred Pennyworth. We still love the light flesh bald piece with the dark bluish gray hair around the edges.img_1922 We want that piece to be in all sets from now on, like red mugs in City sets, or brick separators. We want to put it on everything.

The light flesh minifigure head is great. There is no secondary face print, but that’s fine because the only face print here is action packed with detail. This face has five printed colors on this small space, from the dark flesh lines for the forehead wrinkles and cheekbones, to the metallic gold frames of the sunglasses, the dark bluish gray eyebrows and mustache, and all of the black and white print in between, the face is great. We were kind of hoping that the sunglasses dipping down on the bridge of Alfred’s nose were the same as the Disco Alfred, but we can’t always have everything.

The torso, in comparison, isn’t that remarkable. It’s a white torso with black printed horizontal stripes, and an ever-so-slight black print for a collar and buttons. The same stripes show on the back of the torso and the white short sleeves of the dual-molded arms, over the light flesh colored forearms. The black print stripes continue on to the hips and img_1923dual-molded legs pretty seamlessly; even on to the sides of the legs. The lower legs and feet are light flesh colored for a barefoot look.

Alfred also comes with that fun little bowtie element in white. It’s great and we love that too. We will be excited to get more of those, because up until now, it’s only come with an Alfred in either black or white. Complimenting the figure is a cherry element in red and the trans clear goblet element. We’ve gotten both of those pieces plenty of times in previous sets, in a variety of colors.

Black baseplate. Yellow batsymbol print.


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