LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (14 of 20)

ZanMinifigure: #14 of 20 – Wonder Twin: Zan
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 9
Shop: LEGO

They’re twins, so we thought about just copying and pasting the review of Jayna. However, they’re different, because one is a boy and the other is a girl. They can’t be identical. Plus, we’ve been excited to talk about one single element with this set.img_1910 So here’s what you would find inside Zan’s blind bag!

The black swept back hairpiece with the light flesh pointy ears is the same as with Jayna. The light flesh minifigure head is almost the same. It’s the same eyes and eyebrows. The dark flesh print for the cheekbones is longer, and placed just off from Jayna’s. And there’s a black line printed for a grimace with a dark flesh print for the chin underneath, instead of Jayna’s open mouthed smile with lips. There is no alternate printed face on the minifigure head.

Also, the dark purple cape-collar cloth is the same with both figures, as are the hips and legs assembly. You can read about them HERE if you so desire.

The torso is bananas with print. Yes, it’s obviously similar to Jayna’s. However, the emblem is a “Z” instead of a “J,” in yellow. There are dark purple img_1911lines printed for muscles for days on this figure. The dark purple belt that is also featured on the back is a nice contrast to the medium torso. The arms are dual molded medium lavender over dark purple.

The real reason why we’re writing this and you’re reading it is this, though:

It’s a bucket. The handle that has also been used as a kickstand for scooters is in dark bluish gray. The bucket itself is in light bluish gray. Big deal. But what they’ve started doing a few years ago was including a round 1×1 tile piece, usually in trans-light blue, to sit in the bucket to represent water. It’s a nice touch right? Well, for this set, they printed a frowny face in dark blue on that tile to represent Jayna in water-form. How cool is that? It’s the little things.


Come back soon. We’re finishing these things this week.


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