Old Fishing Store (21310)

21310_alt1Old Fishing Store (21310)
Released: September 02, 2017
MSRP: $149.99
Pieces: 2049
Minifigures: 4+
Shop: LEGO

Up until now the LEGO’s IDEAS line, fan submitted designs that have gone through a significant vetting process, have yet to be a complete building structure. They’ve released vehicles, vignettes, and figures. Most recently, a ship in a bottle set was released to critical acclaim. IDEAS’ first full structure is chock full of coveted sand green parts and intricate interior detail; two qualities that are directed at collectors and fans of intricate builds alike!

To look at the exterior of Old Fishing Store (21310), it isn’t hard to compare the building to Creator Expert modular buildings. The size and detail are of a similar caliber. 21310 doesn’t follow the unwritten rules of the modulars that feature a front facing sidewalk, a streetlight, and primarily tiled or SNOT building. However, members of the MOCing elite are taking strong strides to alter their sets, having Old Fishing Store seamlessly integrated in their displays. There’s one person that figured out a wayimg_1994 to have the waterway of Ninjago City blend into the waterfront of this set. The potential to alter such a versatile set knows no bounds.

Unlike those modulars, the exterior is fairly straightforward. It’s made up of bricks with front-faced studs all covered with tiles. The deck wraps around, covering two sides of the building and is detailed along the bottom with minor rock work. The roof and the deck have a few tiles that are printed with black to look like boards with wood grain. Many of the tiles all over the building are only attached to one stud so they can rest at an angle. The slope pieces at the top of the tower are multi-colored to show aging. While the exterior is a joy to look at, its construction is a bit of a bore. To cut down on the price point, it’s a lot of brick and tiling.

img_1996The interior is where a LEGO builder really enjoys themselves. It is so packed with detail that there is hardly any room for minifigures. The store is multi-level with tiled floors. The floors are covered in crates, the shelves are covered in merchandise, and everything is askew. Even the walls have items that are crooked. To view the interior, the rear wall opens like a hinged door and the roof folds open, hinged at the peak. The tower is also removable to reveal a tiny, furnished office. The set includes two adult male minifigures, an adult female minifigure, and a juvenile male. The reason why we listed the minifigure count at 4+ is because there are three seagulls, a cat, and then fish and crab elements of various colors.

If you’re looking for a challenging build, this may not be the set for you, except for placing interior items. Old Fishing Store, however, is a beautiful set piece for your shelf. Calling it beautiful is an understatement. And if you’re a LEGOphile, this set is action packed with sand green parts, a color that LEGO collectors need in all shapes and sizes, due to the rarity of its use. We have had this sitting on top of our locker at the office and dread the day we take it home, leaving that space empty, making way for our next large project.


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