LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Brick Suit Guy – (2 of 17)

BRICK SUIT GUYMinifigure: #02 of 17 – Brick Suit Guy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 6
Shop: LEGO

While the brick costumes aren’t the most interesting minifigures of this series, they probably are going to be some of the more collectible. A lot of people right now are wetting themselves in a race to find ALL of the police officers they can get their grubby hands on. That’s a self-imposed rarity that The LEGO Group made by only including one officer in a box of sixty packs. Eventually, the market is going to get flooded with little law img_2071enforcers and the charm will fizzle. The importance of the brick suited characters is far more interesting.

The hairpiece first came from the Dog Show Winner (col255) CMF in Series 16, in bright light yellow. It’s also come in black for two minifigures, including Bruce Wayne (sh308), in the white tuxedo from Bat Cave Break-In (70909). Brick Suit Guy is the first to feature the hairpiece depicting swept back hair with a slight widow’s peak and short sideburns in dark brown. The face print on a yellow minifigure head is exclusive but unremarkable, except for the slight red tongue. There is no alternate face.

Everything else on this figure is red. The arms, legs, hips, and hands are red.

The 2×3 brick torso is the most important part of this figure (the same goes for the female counterpart, we’ll get there). The piece has a recessed neck stem, the arms, the negative space for the hips and legs, and the requisite studs on the front and recessed anti-studs on the back that normally come on the underside of a 2×3 brick; it is functional. You can customize the figure as you see fit this way. The other thing to keep in mind when using this new element in img_2070future builds, utilizing LEGO geometry, is that the thickness of the brick is that of a standard brick and a standard plate.

The figure also comes with a standard, blue, 1×1 plate that you can have the figure hold. Or you can stick the plate to the torso or throw it away or whatever. It’s a 1×1 plate in blue. It’s also probably in your couch cushions. And then you get the orange, modified tile with four studs across the middle.


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