LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Elephant Suit Girl – (1 of 17)

ELEPHANT SUIT GIRLMinifigure: #01 of 17 – Elephant Suit Girl
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 7
Shop: LEGO

LEGO has created a habit of releasing approximately three sets of collectible minifigures in a calendar year. Some of have been linked to a particular product license, such as The Simpsons, or LEGO Batman Movie. They also release entire sets that are seemingly at random. Those minifigures are identified in a numbered series. Series 18 Collectible Minifigures are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the LEGO minifigure. Also, while there have been exceptions, they usually have sixteen minifigures in a series, this one has seventeen.

Elephant Suit Girl is the first in Series 18. There have been a few minifigures released in the past with masked headgear. The Lizard Suit Guy, multiple Chicken Suit Guys, Easter Bunnys, and so on have come to pass. This set of figures is full of masked headgear, and the Elephant Suit Girl is no exception. This mask is dual-molded; light bluish gray with white tusks. It also has white on black printing for the eyes. The dual-sided face on the minifigure head is also exclusive, with a smirking female face and printing for a beauty mark. On the back side she isn’t so img_2061sure of herself. It’s a fantastic screaming face with worry lines printed perfectly between the eyebrows. We think this face could be a great alternative to the Black Canary from LEGO Batman Movie’s second wave of minifigures.

The light bluish gray torso is fairly plain, with a printed white belly. The rear of the torso is unremarkable, however it rests on on a ballerina tutu. We’ve gotten this element in white in Assembly Square (10255), and two collectible minifigures (Ballerina (col15-10), Disco Harley Quinn (coltlbm2-1)) in white. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten this piece in bright pink. We saw it earlier in the Fairy Batman Collectible Minifigure (coltlbm-3). The tutu img_2062piece slips over the hip mounts for the torso. The hips and legs also come in light bluish gray, with white printing on the tips of the feet; ever so simple white dots represent toes perfectly.

This minifigure comes with a new version of a mouse. It’s dual-molded in medium dark flesh with white on black printing for the eyes, bright pink printing for the nose. And there is a peach molded tail attached at the back, in a softer material that is more flexible and harder to break. That’s not it, though! This series also introduces the first time we see the 3×4 tile, modified with the four studs across the middle in orange.

This is just the beginning of new colors, new printings, and new molds. Keep coming back for more. Feel free to click on all of the buttons that keep you up to date, you know how to do that by now.


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