LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Brick Suit Girl – (3 of 17)

BRICK SUIT GIRLMinifigure: #03 of 17 – Brick Suit Girl
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 6
Shop: LEGO

What could be better than the Brick Suit Guy? Well, the Brick Suit Girl, of course! LEGO has made vast strides to create a more diverse universe for its customers. They’ve increased production on female minifigures and have been veering away from the yellow complected figures, creating an extraordinary palette of LEGO citizens. This keeps collectors busy, but it also keeps the building and display processes from getting boring. It also aides in being a more equality driven brand and extends the reach to more female customers.

Brick Suit Girl is topped off with an off-center ponytail hair piece in dark img_2068brown. While this is not a new element, this is the first time they’ve produced this element in this color. Previously, the part came in dark orange in the Juniors’ Family House (10686), and in reddish brown in Elves’ The Capture of Sophie Jones (41182) and Breakout from the Goblin King’s Fortress (41188). The minifigure head is yellow, and of course the printing on the face is exclusive as usual. It displays a big toothy smile, with peach print for the lips.

The torso for Brick Suit Girl is the same exact mold as Brick Suit Guy, but obviously it is blue instead of red. Again, the torso is one large piece with a recessed stem for the minifigure head to attach. The arms are attached as normal arms are, however the anti-studs that accept the hips and legs are within the torso element, more so than usual. The front and back act as an actual brick, allowing for building and customization. And the thickness of the torso, img_2067is that of a brick and a plate stacked together, in LEGO math.

The hips and legs are a solid blue and unremarkable, but it looks good against the orange of the modified tile with the four studs across the middle. However, what doesn’t look great is the 1×1 red plate against that orange. The 1×1 plate comes in red, to act as the antithesis to the Brick Suit Guy, primarily in red, carrying a blue 1×1 plate.


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