Valentine’s Bee (40270)

71m7riaQU5L._SL1000_Valentine’s Bee (40270)
Released: January 01, 2018
MSRP: $9.99
Pieces: 140
Shop: LEGO

Clearly cashing in on the collectible figure market, based on the popularity of bookshelf and desk clutter like Funko Pop! vinyl figures, LEGO started releasing a theme called Brickheadz. They’ve previously released Ninjago characters, superheroes, and Star Wars characters. None of the aforementioned releases really piqued our interest. Instead of a small piece count made to look both of this particular style and be immediately recognizable, there was some freedom to experiment. For instance, there is going to be only so many ways one could make a Brickheadz version of Batman. The Valentine’s Bee (40270) is not exactly where one have started with a holiday theme, and we certainly img_2015wouldn’t have picked a bee. Why not a baby with a sash for the new year?

The building process of these things are fairly solid. Basically, it’s a box with with a lot of modified 1x2x1 2/3 bricks with studs on the side. Yes, there are a lot of other elements, especially tiles and plates, but the primary core are these new elements that have such great potential. The rounded 1×1 tiles in black with light bluish gray printing is also fairly standard for the eyes of these sets.

What’s specialized specifically for these holiday themed sets are the bases. Most of the Brickheadz theme has 4×6 bases with a printed tile signifying which set you have. The holiday ones have similar bases, but with rounded plates that flare out the sides, making space for little vignettes. For instance, the Valentine’s Bee has those two little green areas on either side with the flowers. And this particular set is one of the first with the newer rounded 1×1 plates with the flowered edges in bright green, red, and white. It’s also one of the firstimg_2017-1 sets to include the newer flower stems with three stalks and the pin at the bottom in green. Also featured are the new, bright green, rounded plates with plant leaves.

These Brickheadz are inexpensive, fantastic parts packs. This makes for a great impulse buy, or a nice little holiday decoration for a bookshelf or desk. Even if you aren’t interested in making a bee, there are 140 parts, with multiples of almost each element to add to your collection, including the new elements.


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