Bunny (40271)

51hEedYZorLBunny (40271)
Released: February 01, 2018
MSRP: $9.99
Pieces: 126
Shop: LEGO

Brickheadz continues its promise to deliver holiday themed products. Bunny (40271) was released on the first of February with plenty of time to become a staple decoration for Easter. And while the parts count is slightly smaller than Valentine’s Bee (40270), and the bulk of the build seems smaller img_2083by comparison, we enjoyed 40271 so much more.

Those two floppy ears are undeniable. With a few plates, two curved slope pieces, two plates with a clip, and two curved bricks, the build goes from boxy gray creature to floppy happy bunny instantly. The ears add so much in so few pieces. And the fact that they attach to the head of the figure using a hinging function, so that they can be positioned at different angles is perfect. That adds so much character.

It is with the height that those ears add that make Bunny look slimmer, despite the bulk of the figure being the same dimensions as Valentine’s Bee. The interior is constructed of the same parts, give or take colors that you don’t see. The exterior of Bunny is covered in light and dark bluish gray curved slope pieces and tiles. The face has the usual Brickheadz rounded tile elements for eyes. However, what really helps to set this apart are the white 1×1 tile with one rounded and extended side for buck teeth. It’s subtle detail like that that adds so much. And img_2084in the rear, they’ve used a white Technic ball for Bunny’s tail. Perfect.

Instead of the tall sunflowers for the vignette, 40271 comes with Easter eggs using round brick parts introduced in the Angry Birds Movie line, but utilized far better with The LEGO Batman Movie sets as balloons. The base also features dark pink petal parts made common in Friends’ sets, however the dark pink is new to this part this year. Bunny carries a carrot with a bright green twig piece as we’ve seen so many times by now, and a bright light orange basket.

Again, Brickheads are an inexpensive perfect impulse purchase. The price per part ratio is just slightly over $.08 and in that you’re getting multiples of a lot of great parts. But beyond all of that, they’re a fun and easy build. Bunny, especially. This may be the best Brickheadz set so far. We cannot wait to see what they do with the rest of the series.


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