LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Party Clown – (4 of 17)

PARTY CLOWNMinifigure: #04 of 17 – Party Clown
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 9
Shop: LEGO

As we’ve covered before, at the moment, Police Officer (col18-8) appears to be the most sought after CMF of this series. We anticipate that after the secondary market is awash with thirty dollar police officers, that lucrative price will come down, interest will wane, and we’ll look to the rest of the series for important parts and figures. Aside from the Brick Guy (col18-2) and Girl (col18-3), Party Clown (col18-4), is another heavy contender due to the colorful figure and his brand new accessories. And while this isn’t the sole clown made by LEGO, it is img_2054another completely different minifigure for your collection.

This particular version of the top hat is one of the far more striking elements in this pack. It’s a recoloring of the element introduced with Penguin from the first wave of LEGO Batman Movie sets in The Penguin Arctic Roller (70911). The hat is in lime with a printed dark purple flower on one side and a green patch printed on the other. The printing on the hat is perfect, as is the printing on the face. With the white circles around the eyes, the big red nose, and the thin red line around the broad white smile, the face printing is without flaws and distinctly different than any other.

Below the head piece, goes the first red bowtie element. Again, we’ve gotten this before in black and dark blue from Batcave Break-In (70909) and The Scuttler (70908), respectively. Variety in recoloring elements, and being repeated in other sets is great for customers and customizations alike. And as we continue from top to bottom, naturally, Party Clown’s torso is a fabulous nightmare of garish color clashing. The torso itself is orange with purple molded arm pieces and white hands for gloves. There is white printing for the collar of the clown, but it doesn’t seem to be enough as some of the orange is able to shine through a bit. The collar and striping img_2055is in dark purple and there’s a swatch of lime for the cummerbund.

We also get another coloring for the long suit tails, that came with incarnations of The Joker from LEGO Batman Movie sets; this time in orange. And those tails rest on the lime hips and legs assembly with a little bit of dark purple printing for creases and decoration for the clown’s pants. Party Clown stands on another modified tile with four studs across the middle in orange.

He also comes with two versions of a brand new element. They’re little balloon animals in trans-dark pink and trans-green. The elements have a bar where the body should be so that a minifigure can hold them easily, since these little dogs are unable to have any clutch with an actual LEGO stud. It is these accessories, the explosion of color. and the quality of the printing that lead us to believe, that once the Police Officer has run his course, Party Clown will be a top contender for the best figure in this series.


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