LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Firework Guy – (5 of 17)

FIREWORK GUYMinifigure: #05 of 17 – Firework Guy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 5
Shop: LEGO

Five parts, guys and gals. Let’s press through this quickly!

The headpiece is one large part that covers the majority of the figure. It’s the firework, obviously, dual-molded in red and blue. The part has some great printing, img_2077with the yellow stars and the great printing for the “BANG!” This piece is similar to elements that they’ve been making as of late, for instance, Rocket Boy (col17-13) and Corn Cob Guy (col17-4) of Series 17, and Stumpy 10K (cty872) of Mountain Police Headquarters (60174).

The printing on the yellow headpiece is exclusive to this figure. He has sunglasses with the pearl gold printing for the rims. He also has a nice wide smile. The entire face fits very nicely in the hole in the firework element. He has no alternate face, which is a missed opportunity in our opinion. But what’re you going to do?

The torso is blue. The hands are red. There is no printing here, as the firework element covers it all. However, the hips and legs come in dark bluish gray, with the red and yellow printing on the legs to simulate the firework being set off. img_2078This is fairly simple printing, but could be useful for stuntmen or racers. And the baseplate comes in that orange that’s exclusive to this series thus far.

All in all, except for the fun firework element, this minifigure is pretty basic.


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