LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Birthday Party Girl – (6 of 17)

BIRTHDAY PARTY GIRLMinifigure: #06 of 17 – Birthday Party Girl
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 11
Shop: LEGO

Whereas Firework Guy was short on parts for your hard earned four dollars or so, Birthday Party Girl more than makes up for that! With a number of exclusive prints and parts, she’s going to end up being pretty collectible; as is her male counterpart. Let’s have a look-see, shall we?

The party hat with the pin at the bottom has appeared in numerous colors, in numerous Friends sets. There’s img_2047also a party hat coming in a later Series 18 pack. Medium lavender is a new color for this element, also appearing in Friends’ Emma’s Pet Party (10748). That pin fits perfectly into a hole in the hairpiece for Birthday Party Girl.

While the pin hole isn’t new, the mold is. This piece has short hair with two pigtails. The part comes in dark orange. It is sure to be a high commodity, as it will usually be paired with the younger minifigures. While they are becoming more prominent, they’re still a minority in the LEGO universe. So, grab as many of these hairpieces as you can, especially as they start to come out in different colors. The printing on the face is tight to the center and comes with dark orange eyebrows that match the hairpiece. There is no alternate face.

The torso is a white mold with a fine print on the front and back. It doesn’t extend all of the way to the edges. The yellow for the neckline doesn’t quite match the arms and hands but it is solid enough to not let the white of the torso through. The lavender of the bow matches the party hat nicely, and contrasts against the dark purple of her balloon.

Because she’s a child, the hips and legs are all one piece. There is no articulation for the legs. However, LEGO did go the extra mile and made a triple-molded element for this figure! The hips are in bright light blue. The legs are molded in yellow. And the feet are molded in the bright img_2048light blue with nice white printing for her sneakers.


She comes with a present that’s made up of a bright light orange 2×2 tile with a printed metallic blue bow on top. The box is a new mold, which is 2x2x1 (a shorter version of a container element we’ve had before (61780)) in white with medium blue diagonal stripes. To go in inside the present, there are two round tiles, printed to look like pastries. Both of those are no stranger to recent LEGO shoppers.

But the dual-molded balloon element is brand new, with the bar shaped so that the figure can hold it in two ways, and have the balloon upright. The bar is in white, the balloon itself is molded in dark purple. And of course, there’s the modified tile with four studs across the middle in orange.


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