LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Birthday Cake Guy – (10-17)

BIRTHDAY CAKE GUYMinifigure: #10 of 17 – Birthday Cake Guy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 7
Shop: LEGO

We’re going to leave last night’s nightmare of a minifigure review behind and return to the bright and colorful fun that is the rest of this collection. Birthday Cake Guy is everything that this series wants him to be. The molds are great and exclusive and the prints are bright img_2064and fun. Let’s take a look at a minifigure that is exclusive from top to bottom.

While we mentioned how special the party hat element was to the Birthday Party Girl a couple of reviews ago, Birthday Cake Guy’s party hat is better. While Birthday Party Girl’s hat was in a brand new color, it was released in medium lavender also in Friends’ Emma’s Pet Party (10748). This, here, is the only time that this element is available in pearl gold. Otherwise, it’s the same as you’ve seen before in all of the other Friends sets where they celebrate anything and everything. So, if you need a party hat and you’ve been waiting for it to be in pearl gold, here you finally go.

The hairpiece is also a new mold.
Yes it is.
Don’t argue.

What sets this apart from the other hairpiece that has been used thousands of times is that little pinhole in the top. You can put ribbons and bows in there if you’d like. But when it comes to Birthday Cake Guy, that’s where the hat goes. And that makes all of the difference. There’s a single print on the yellow minifigure head. The print is big and bold with a huge smile and little red tongue sticking out for all of the world to see. Clearly, he’s yelling, “TADAA!”

The mold for the arms and legs are in bright light blue, with fantastic prints for the lines in the jacket and tie. A bow is printed in a metallic gold and the white of the shirt is laid down solidly. The splotches of pink frosting is in bright pink. The hips and legs are in bright pink with splotches of bright light blue for the blue frosting of the cake. There’s even a little bit on the tips of his feet. If we had to pick a detail of this minifigure that we found lacking, it’s this img_2065blue frosting print. However, on the bright side, it could also pass as the legs and feet of a painter.

Let’s talk about this cake element. It’s three molds, primarily bright pink with two white frosting molds on the outside. And then there’s two shades of blue printed on the white for the ribbon. While the execution is is so simple, it is perfect. The entire figure stands inside the pink mold and then there’s anti-studs at the bottom so the figure doesn’t run away.

Orange baseplate. See you this evening!

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