LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Cactus Girl – (11 of 17)

CACTUS GIRLMinifigure: #11 of 17 – Cactus Girl
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 5
Shop: LEGO

We’ve been delaying talking about the rest of this series for long enough. There’s so much more to look at and talk about. Here’s a final push to get them done this week, but trust us. We’re going to talk about everything the way we usually do. This isn’t going to be rushed through. Let’s start easy with the next minifigure in the series, Cactus Girl. She’s another minifigure with one of those shell-like headpieces that drape down over the rest of the figure. It’s green and oblong and ribbed and has bumps img_2058(YOU’RE DIRTY!). We suppose if you wanted her to be Pickle Girl (or Boy for that matter), then that’s who they would be. Obviously, there’s a space for the minifigure’s face to poke through, so let’s look at that.

The face if fairly basic. It’s a female’s printed face on the yellow head with reddish brown eyebrows and dark tan lips. On one side she looks fairly calm and on the other side she looks like she may be in pain or concerned.

The torso is green with pretty great printing in black. The stripes mimic the ribbed shape of the cactus, plus there are creases in the shirt. On the sides of the torso, LEGO generally has printing for female minifigures that represent hips. This print is featured here, but to a less severe degree than has been used in the past on other female minifigures. The arms, if that’s what you would img_2059like to call them, are new molds in green that are made too look branches of a cactus.

The hips and legs assembly are molded in green and have no print on them whatsoever. And of course, Cactus Girl comes with that orange modified tile with the four studs across the middle to act as a baseplate; exclusive to this series. That’s it. She’s pretty basic compared to the rest of the series when you break her down in to parts. But like most women, the sum of those parts are greater. She’s a fun inclusion to the series and one of our favorites!

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