LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Cowboy Costume Guy – (15 of 17)

71021-15Minifigure: #15 of 17 – Cowboy Costume Guy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 7
Shop: LEGO

So, here’s why we cover the collectible minifigures so much. First of all, they’re plentiful and collectible. So, it gives us a lot to talk about and we love collecting things. Secondly, they’re always full of new parts or new colors of parts, and while the list of new things is continuously growing to immeasurable lengths, we want to show that there’s more to LEGO than just the big and blunt red bricks. Also, variety to your collection makes what you have unique. So when you’re showing off your displays, img_2072all of your firemen could be from space, or all of your hospital staff could be Disney characters.

Cowboy Costume Guy wears a tan cowboy hat. How’s that for a transition? It’s a fantastic new element, and we’re excited to get so many more cowboy hats in so many other colors, in the future. The minifigure head is similar to Race Car Guy’s in that it has the hair coming down the sides. But instead of fuzzy muttonchops, these are manicured reddish brown sideburns. There is no alternate face due to the lack of coverage from the hat.

The front half of a horse hangs from the torso stem like so many of the backpacks, air tanks, and whatever else. The horse is reddish brown with black and white printing for the eyes, hooves, and a patch of white hair between the horse’s eyes. It’s an interesting element with two clearly defined front legs. We’re not sure what exactly, but we have a feeling that there’s something that can be MOCed using this piece. Maybe a western themed restaurant where the horse is leaping out of the front wall of the building, or something.

The dark turquoise torso is a great contrast to the bright yellow arms and hands, as well as img_2073the great print on the front and back. The black and white cowhide print with a tan fringe are great. There’s a little bit of red to represent a bandana, which we would have loved to have seen continue a bit on the back. And a hint of yellow is on the front to show off the cut of the shirt. While it doesn’t cover the entire torso, and why would it due to the horse head you’re going to hang there, the print is just about perfect. The costume tail hangs from the hips and legs assembly’s studs as most minifigure tails do. The style of the tail is new in reddish brown to match the hips and legs. However, these hips and legs are exclusive to this figure because there’s black print on the feet to represent the rear legs of the horse.

While we understand that there are budgets to these projects and this figure already has a lot of new parts and prints, we would have liked to have seen one more thing. Maybe the minifigure could have had a revolver, despite LEGO’s aversions to implements of realistic violence. Perhaps a lasso or some other sort of rope to wrangle cattle could have finished it off nicely. What you get is perfectly fine and really well executed. We just would have liked this particular minifigure to have an accessory to hold.

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