The Movies of 2019: In Anticipation

Though we have only just plundered through the first half of 2018, the line-up of 2019 film releases are going to be enough to get me through the next six months. There are several family-friendly films that are highly anticipated coming out, and a few that I did not know about until I decided to fully investigate. I’ve picked 10 titles I’m excited to see, but for fear of ramble, I’ll only dip into my top 5, then list the rest for your own Googling pleasure.

1. Hellboy is anticipated to be released in January, directed by Neil Marshall. It will be starring everyone’s favorite sci-fi badass Mila Jovovich (multi-pass). I personally, am a fan of Stranger Things, so I am excited to see David Harbour play the main character like a big, red, sarcastic boss. Based on the caption provided with the film release information, it sets up the story that Hellboy is somehow stuck between worlds and is forced to face a vengeful sorceress. With some awesome actors, some CG, a forecasted R rating, and a Hollywood budget, I’m hoping this reboot does the graphic novels some justice, and that Mila doesn’t kick too much of David Harbour’s face in.

2. The next movie I’m excited to hear about every time it’s mentioned is The Lion King starring Donald Glover, Beyonce Knowles, and half of the rest of Hollywood. Directed by Jon Favreau, a director that regularly delivers on family charm, will undoubtedly produce a film worthy of more than a few watches. However, I’m certain there will probably be an entire scene of Billy Eichner shouting at nothing, or perhaps a scene with Seth Rogan chuckling at something off screen. Either way, this movie has a stunning cast, a favorable director, and a summer release. Fingers crossed on the script, score, and the preservation of nostalgia.

3. Glass by M. Night Shymalan is next on my list, and before you start calling names, yes, I know, his track record ain’t that great. However, I’m excited for the second installment in the Unbreakable story, that links M. Night’s more recent project, Split. So, this installment will star both Bruce Willis and James McAvoy, in a detect-and-capture the psychopath drama. I’m just bursting at the seams to see how the director obnoxiously inserts himself into this project as well. But, genuinely interested in seeing how M. Night has the stories connect, and how he will work on his famous twist endings.

4. Wonder Woman 2 is bringing a whole lotta estrogen. Directed and written by Patty Jenkins, the second installment of the superhero series is set to be released in late 2019, November or Christmas. Again, the main role will be starring the lovely Gal Gadot, and will be supported by Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Lynda Carter. The plot is currently unpublished or unreported, but I am a lover of all things superhero, comics, and graphic novel related, I am also a woman, so. Obviously, I identify.

5. Last, but not at all least, I’m waiting with baited breath for X-men Dark Phoenix. I truly love the Marvel movies that have been so popular the last 6 or 8 years, but one of my first loves was X-men, and I am pumped to see the series move forward amongst the other uberpopular superhero franchises. Starring the usual suspects: Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and Evan Peters, an ultrapowerful force threatens to take over Jean Grey’s mind. The poster alone is enough to get my blood pressure up, and I absolutely cannot wait.

I’ll list a few other big-name and big-money movies that are expected to come out next year. Feel free to investigate them yourselves, or just wait for my next update and get an idea of what’s coming up.
• Captain Marvel – Starring Brie Larson and Jude Law – March
• Frozen 2 – Starring Kristen Bell – November
• Toy Story 4 – Estelle Harris isn’t dead yet – June
• Shazam! – Starring Dwayne Johnson – April
• Gambit – Channing Tatum and Lizzy Caplan – June

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