Imaginext Toys – A Love Story

After the countless totes of Legos, the next most populous toy in my house is any figure, set, or blaster from Imaginext Toys. Imaginext is a very versatile brand that you can find anywhere from Walmart, to the remaining Toys R Us stores currently on life-support, Amazon, etc; they’re constantly changing in style and collections, for various playing ages, and prices.

I wouldn’t be able to talk enough about the different styles and sets they offer. At home, we have Batman variations, Egyptian mummy sets, Teen Titans GO! sets, dinosaur sets, Transformers, and tons of other superheroes that come in both individual packaging or in action sets. I find, when your child finds a series or brand of toy they really enjoy, the physical size of the set is an important component of purchase decision, at least, it is in my part. I’ve got a small, two-bedroom apartment, and if he wants to get an entire collection of just ONE variation, he would have run out of room long ago. For this reason, we tend to get a few pieces from each line, as opposed to trying to collect them all; but, Imaginext has found a convenient size pattern for their toy sets, they’re a very medium, low-impact size, or the toys themselves break down to clean up easier. These toys were so easy to collect, we keep one of the uber-popular rolling, plastic drawer sets designated strictly for Imaginext toys and blasters.
The Youtube videos for Imaginext Toys is comparable to those of the fanatics of toys already previously discussed; there are millions of internet videos pertaining to Imaginext, opening the packages they come in, to actual acted and scripted episodes made by moms and dads that have been viewed trillions of times. Literally. And children are like moths to a light to their toy videos. My five-year-old, Joshua, watches an hour or two of videos then walks around zombified repeating full, seven-minute-long videos verbatim. Is it disturbing or brilliant? I know I’m impressed. Impressed my child can monologue like a national treasure, but also how Youtube has completely taken everything we know about marketing and business and just, taken everything into a socially controlled direction. Maybe I’m fifteen years late on that.
I like that there are Imaginext packs that can have 4 or 5 figures that belong to the same collections. It makes collecting a lot easier, faster, and if you are on a budget you’re simply getting more quality toys in one purchase. In many of the packs, the figures may come with one or several accessories that go along with the character. Josh’s favorite Imaginext accessory is the blaster. It’s a variation of that character’s shooting weapon, that comes with a spring-loaded plastic missile (or 3). It’s his favorite because he has so many- and all missiles but 2 are lost.

superfriendsIn our sampling, I’ve also been able to tell the difference with the age of sets we own due to the design or the way the toys have been put together have evolved. I’ve paid close attention to any chipping or fading of paint or color, which I’ve never seen happen with these toys. The color on the figures, and range of motion for the limbs seem to be kept in good working condition, even after time and playful use by a sticky, 3-and-half-foot monster. Unlike his relationship with Mash’Ems, he has never brought me a broken Imaginext Toy crying there was an accident, he’s never had to throw any of these guys away because it wouldn’t work or because he snapped an arm off. I like to think I’m a veteran mom when it comes to my kids’ toys, and Imaginext is definitely a brand I’ll rebuy over and over and buy for other people’s children the next time I have to pretend to be nice.
Score 4/5

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