Lego Ninjago- Ultimate Ultimate Weapon

I think that my family have been huge fans of Legos since the very beginning of Legodom, and I’m excited to see a time where my children have become attached to them, as well. My youngest son is five years old and can’t read but can list the proper names of entire collections of Lego sets, will teach himself to memorize the advertisement flyers they send in the boxes, and will persist for weeks until he’s gotten every set he’s asked for. His most recent collection fixation is on the Ninjago movie sets, the biggest set he has is the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon (70617).

Temple-of-Ultimate-Weapon-1It would be easy to assume that this set is overly time-consuming being that it’s so large, but the structure of the temple is only one-sided. It is over 1,400 pieces, but what I mean is, on one side of the temple you see the brick outside, with a drawbridge-style set of stairs. The other side of the wall is a carved-out version of the temple, showing the inside entrance of the temple, and four additional rooms that have something unique to have fun with, such as a room of hidden snakes, a working wrecking-ball, a skeleton in the basement, a library/scroll room, and two large temple guardian figures that resemble tigers.
The Japanese-style sticker and color details are rather impressive, the scrolling roofs and scorpions that decorate the rooftops are fun details to the outside of the temple, that correlate to the dragons, red and gold colors, and overall ninja theme inside. There is a weird bondage-style man cage that is hung outside, and sword chopping ‘booty traps’ inside to help the ninjas defend their territory. The set comes with a treasure chest, which is every child’s favorite Lego piece. We know it’s empty, but it’s still mysterious and exciting to pick up. I’m an adult with children in grade school and I still get set off by empty Lego treasure chests. No, you grow up.

The set includes seven minifigures, including Kai, Nya, Loyd, Cole, Zane, Jay, and a four-armed Garmadon that comes with a jungle coat accessory. They come with a plethora of weapons, and endless ways to position, assemble, and battle amongst themselves.
It took about two days to build everything, considering we didn’t begin early either day and we took our time doing so. The instructions are famously simple and great for kids to learn how to do themselves. If step-by-step instructions aren’t your thing, there are plenty of instruction and suggestion videos you can find on Youtube. I would never NOT recommend any Lego set. I hope if this is a set you decide to go for, that you enjoy it as much as we do.
Happy building.

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