LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Classic Police Officer – (8 of 17)

CLASSIC POLICE OFFICERMinifigure: #08 of 17 – Classic Police Officer
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 6
Shop: LEGO

There are sixty minifigures in a case. Sometimes LEGO will release a series such that there are an even number of each figure, therefore making each figure statistically even in finding each one. And sometimes, you get Series 18. In each case there is supposed to be five of each of the Brick Suit figures, four of the Elephant Suit Girl, img_2080Fireworks Guy, Dragon Suit Guy, Spider Suit Guy, Birthday Cake Guy, Flowerpot Girl, Cowboy Suit Guy, and Blue Unicorn Guy. If you want Party Clown, the Birthday Party Boy and Girl, Cactus Girl, Cat Suit Girl, and Race Car Guy, there are three of them in each box. And by golly, if you want the Classic Police Officer there is only one in each case (although, we’ve seen a couple reports stating that people bought an entire case and had zero police officers. There’s also reports stating that when there was an officer present, that they were in the left hand column, four or five from the back, in a fresh case. Clear as mud, right? Here’s what all of the hubbub is all about!

It’s the 40th Anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure and The LEGO Group decided to mark the occasion with the reproduction of one of their most popular styled minifigure. Topping off the figure is the classic white hat. You know it. We know it. You have one, trust us. The classic minifigure head comes with the black printing of the two eyes and smile. You know it. We know it. There’s no alternate face, img_2081as it would be painfully visible because of the police hat.

The torso is black with with the classic badge printing and five buttons down the center in white. The hips and legs are in black and he stands on that orange baseplate. That’s almost it! He carries with him a yellow 1×2 plate and a 1×2 tile, when put together represent the classic Police Patrol (600) set that the police minifigure first came in. The tile alone is worth hunting for when it comes to collectors and MOC builders that want to have a more unique inventory in their very own LEGO stores.