LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Dragon Suit Guy – (7 of 17)

DRAGON SUIT GUYMinifigure: #07 of 17 – Dragon Suit Guy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 8
Shop: LEGO

While not being the most sought after minifigure in the series, Dragon Suit Guy was the last one we were able to find. They say, if you’re inclined to feel your way through the wrappers, that the trick is to feel for the flat wing element. We call shenanigans! He had to be bought at a convention, where someone had already done the legwork for us.

The headpiece comes in three parts, the bulk of it is the red head gear in red, with the blackimg_2101 printed accents and the white printing on the teeth. Some of the white isn’t that exact, but the black looks just fine. The black barbs are separate elements that have come in so many other sets and colors, you probably have one or two lost in your shag carpeting and don’t even know it.

The minifigure head comes in yellow as per usual, and the face printing (ON BOTH SIDES!) shines through the open mouth of the dragon just nicely. On the one side of the face, the printing is that of a meek looking little boy with brown freckles. On the opposite side, it’s the same boy with brown printed lines between the eyebrows and under the open mouth to show him roaring; it’s our preferred side of the head.

The gargoyle wings element with the neck bracket is not new. It’s come in light bluish gray for the Series 14 Gargoyle (col14-10), and also came in red in Series 16’s Imp (col16-4). The neck bracket fits over the red torso’s peg. There’s a nice print on the front of scales in bright light orange with black outline. Theimg_2102 hands are in black and there is no print on the back as that’s covered by the wings.

Dragon Suit Guy is another minifigure in this series to have an element fit between the torso and the hips. This is where the bracket for the tail piece goes, over the pegs for the hips and legs. The tail is molded in red and has black printing on the spikes and tail. The printing here is way better than the white of the teeth on the headgear. The legs and hips are molded in black with little black toes printed on the front of the feet.