LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Flower Pot Girl – (14 of 17)

LEGO-Minifigures-Series-18-Flowerpot-Girl_553xMinifigure: #14 of 17 – Flower Pot Girl
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 5
Shop: LEGO

Between the weird print choices and the large parts, we find it hard to believe anyone’s really going to want anything to do with Flower Pot Girl, beyond completing this series. That doesn’t mean we don’t like her. Let’s check her out!

Look at that ridiculous headgear img_2042element. Look at that weird thing. Look at it. It’s dual-molded in green and magenta. Don’t get us wrong, it fits just fine with this particular minifigure, but what’s going to happen beyond this? It’s so big and such an odd shape, there’s no way that this part is ever going to be used ever again. So, maybe that’ll drive the collectible value up in the secondary market. It just seems like a waste to us.

The minifigure head has printing on both sides. On the one side the face is happy and bright, which fits this ridiculous costume of hers. However, it is unclear what the secondary face is supposed to be. The eyebrows and freckles are done in dark orange, and there are pink lips printed on either side.

The torso and arms are molded in bright green and come with lime hands. The printing is in dark green and black, and it leaves a little to be desired. It’s of a single vine growing up with leaves, leading into the head piece. Because it’s a plant, you see. And while the vine printing doesn’t reach all of the way to the edge, that pretty much gets hidden by the flower pot element.

And that’s exactly what that is. A big dark orange flower pot looking element with two img_2043holes for the hips and legs to fit through. We dare anyone to find another use for this element that looks aesthetically pleasing and makes sense. We’ll pay you a dollar if you can!

The hips and legs assembly are molded in reddish brown. Orange baseplate.

While we acknowledge that this review was written to sound completely underwhelming, we can’t gush for the sake of gushing when it isn’t warranted. Flower Pot Girl is a great minifigure. She comes with two pretty big molded elements that LEGO designed for this character and this character alone (bank on it). And to look at her from a distance, she’s unmistakeable.