LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (16 of 20)

Jor-ElMinifigure: #16 of 20 – Jor-El
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 8
Shop: LEGO

Here we are with our fourth look at the second LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Wave 2. This time we’ll look at the sixteenth minifigure in the series, the father of Superman, Jor-El. In The LEGO Batman Movie, the character only appears briefly, but LEGO felt that he deserved to be immortalized in their famous plastic world. Here’s what we thought about this classic character’s appearance.

img_1892Jor-El levels the playing field with this amazing hairpiece. While we’ve gotten that iconic forehead swoop in black numerous times with multiple inceptions of his son, and once in dark orange for the Agile Archer (coltgb-9) minifigure, from The LEGO Team GB used to recognize olympians, it’s this white version that looks amazing. The molding looks great when shadows contrast within the strands of hair, and against that dark shoulder piece, the white really pops.

The printing on the face also looks great with the great big bushy eyebrows in black on the flesh-colored minifigure head, and even the white beard was a good choice, instead of going with a beard element to get squeezed between the head and that shoulder piece. The Armor Space with Shoulder Protection is also exclusive in this color, despite being included with five previous minifigures; Calculator (coltlbm18) in white, Lloyd (70605) in black, Ultra Agents’ Infearno (uagt009) in red, Ultra Agents’ Toxikita (uagt025) in bright light orange, and Lex Luthor (sh292) of all people in lime.

Also exclusive to this figure is that white, round, 1×1 tile with the emblematic S print in black is the first time we’ve gotten a 1×1 tile in any color with that print. The black is perfectly centered and the lines are nice and crisp. As is the sash print on the torso and the slope, representing a robe, and the iconic S emblem on the chest.

However, fine printing doesn’t run through this figure. If you look below at the phone where the shoulder gear has been removed, you can see, the printing of that vertical sash design doesn’t line up when transitioning from the torso to the 2x2x2 with bottom tubes slope. Too, the S on the chest appears to be off-center, but admittedly, that may be an optical illusion because of the placement of that sash. img_1893

We’ve gotten that rock piece numerous times before, even in that color, and we’re not sure why it isn’t some sort of Kryptonian green, but whatever. And of course, there’s that baseplate that we’re getting through the entire series. It’s an imperfect minifigure and it isn’t our favorite character in the series. However, with the exclusive prints, it’s sure to be a hot item for collectors and completionists alike! Be sure to check back when we cover another minifigure from this series!