LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Race Car Guy – (13 of 17)

s-l300Minifigure: #13 of 17 – Race Car Guy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 10
Shop: LEGO

Everything about Race Car Guy, the thirteenth minifigure in this series, is LEGO. He’s bright, he’s vibrant, he’s fun. And if you’re lucky enough to find him in one of these blind bags, he has a couple of uses. How fun is that?! Let’s take a closer look at this little guy.

Going in our usual top to bottom coverage, weimg_2044 start with the classic blue helmet element that we’ve been collecting since 1987; when Blacktron and Futuron sets hit the shelves. It’s not the style of helmet that you would see on Benny any time soon. However, this is the mold that allows for the visor to flip up and down in a sleek looking fashion. And Race Car Guy gets one of those visors in trans-black, nothing new here. However, that red and white checkered print on the sides of that helmet looks fairly sharp.

The facial printing on the classic yellow head is a neat exclusive print. Race Car Guy comes with muttonchops that span the entire height of the face, and he sports a little soul patch. The facial features are relatively unremarkable, but the quality of the print is high as usual. Coupled with the dark brown hair printing, this minifigure head should be sought after to add to the variety of minifigure heads available. There is no secondary facial print.

The torso mold is in blue with the arms in white and the hands come in red. The black lines on the torso are fairly crisp and on point. The white and black of the belt look great, and we like the faded white print of the “RR” logo on the chest. The printing on the back with the new racing team name “Clutch Drive” is a nice little nod to the strength of one LEGO element connecting and holding on to another LEGO element — or its clutch power.

The hips and legs assembly comes in the fairly common blue mold, with the black printing from the torso continuing down into the legs for the texture of most racing suits. There’s also printing down the sides of the legs along the seams, as racing gear is usually all color and logos. We also want to point out the logo for “Cross Axle” on the legs, where the “x” is clearly a reference to the top view of a technic axle, another nice little LEGO reference tucked away in this figure.

Before we get too carried away gushing about this race car, let’s get the other things out of the way: orange baseplate, two trolley wheels and axles in black that have come with a bazillion other sets, and one 1×1 half round tile (commonly referred to as a tooth piece), in flat silver with black print (you got two of them if youimg_2045 bought that Catwoman heist set from the LEGO Batman Movie first wave of sets).

Look at this fun car. We like it so much, it makes us want to curse. Naturally, Race Car Guy can wear this car as intended. And that looks great. But if you remove Race Car Guy’s legs from the equation, those axle and wheel elements are fully functional. He looks like he’s riding around in a little car! Are you serious?! And tell us how bad you want to use this car as a little amusement ride. Go ahead, tell us. We’ll wait. You know we’re going to be seeing this mold again at some point. It’s so great. The potential of future sets with this part is just so exciting.