LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 18 – Spider Suit Boy – (9 of 17)

SPIDER SUIT BOYMinifigure: #09 of 17 – Spider Suit Boy
Released: April 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 7
Shop: LEGO

Series 18 is supposed to be a party of colorful and delightful characters. Even the most simplistic minifigure in the Classic Police Officer is celebratory in its nostalgia. The prints and molds are so one-note in the colors and shapes compared to Dragon Suit Guy and Flower Pot Girl, that he’d be out of place if he weren’t the plastic embodiment of our childhood. However, that all comes to a crashing conclusion with the whimsical vacuum that is the ninth entry in this seventeen figure collection. Spider Suit Boy is img_2049off-putting at best compared to the rest of the figures. But, how does he fair as a stand alone?

The headgear is a new mold in black with silver printing to outline the four eyes and light bluish gray on the mandibles. This element fails somehow. We’re not sure if it needs more eyes, maybe fewer but bigger eyes. It needs something else. Despite being a full mask that covers everything but the face, Spider Suit Boy has an alternate face print. The primary minifigure head is molded in white with black print for the expression and gray eyes. To give him a little bit of character, Spider Suit Boy has a snaggle-fang that hangs out on one side. His other face is also in black with gray eyes, and here he’s clearly scared of something.

Fitting over the neck, is a giant spider that hangs on the back. It’s all black. It has eight legs and a neck ring that goes over the stem of the torso. Perhaps people will use these in their MOCs, hiding the neck ring in a wall build, so that the spider will appear to be climbing a building. But that’s about it.

The torso is also black, with dark bluish gray and white, for a webbed jacket or hoodie. This is easily the best part of the figure. The detail in theimg_2050 zipper and the hem at the top and bottom display how LEGO have some of the best graphic designers. Their choices in what to include and not in their depiction of this print are perfect. Even around back, despite the giant spider backpack thing, they’ve included some folds and the hood to the jacket in dark bluish gray. The hips and legs are in black. The modified tile with the four studs across the middle is the orange that comes with every figure in the series. And Spider Suit Boy comes with a little molded black spider that has an anti-stud on the bottom. It’ll sit pretty well on the minifigure’s hand or just about anywhere there’s an available LEGO stud.