LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (17 of 20)

General ZodMinifigure: #17 of 20 – General Zod
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 6
Shop: LEGO

There have been two other versions of General Zod released by LEGO. Both of those releases where in celebration of the Man of Steel film (for what it’s worth). While this particular Zod is from The LEGO Batman Movie, the figure is stylized after the Terence Stamp Zod from Superman: The Movie (1978) and Superman II (1980). It’s a very specific character played by a very specific actor. img_1976Therefore, the minifigure should be unmistakable and unforgettable; not like the other two Zod figures. Let’s see how they did!

The black, short, swept back hairpiece is a recoloring of the hair we’ve seen a few times. From The Twelth Doctor with the purple coat (ideas021) in the Ideas Doctor Who set (21304) in light bluish gray to the reddish brown version for Doctor Peter Venkman (gb005a) in the Firehouse Headquarters (75827), we’ve gotten this hairpiece in eleven sets, in three different colors since 2015. Now, in 2018, here it is again this time in black. We love it. We’re for it. We want to see it in more sets.

And one of the best parts is, the hairpiece element is big enough to cover an alternate face. That comes in handy, because General Zod comes with two faces. The primary face has a nice print. It has a good mustache and beard in black and nice muscle structure using the dark flesh printing. The secondary print has more of a disgusted look, but instead of the white on black print for the eyes, there is a white on red print for the eyes. It’s a fantastic option for a minifigure that’s ill or possessed; there have been a few zombies released previously this way.

The black torso is very plain and clean. On the front there’s the deep cut of the neckline with the hem in silver. The light flesh of the chest is printed on top, and that covers the black of the torso quite well. The character’s bracelets are printed on the arms in silver. img_1977On the back is Zod’s emblem, also printed in silver. The hips and legs are also pretty unremarkable; plain black parts with three silver stripes up the length of the hip piece.

As for accessories, the set includes the black 3×4 modified tile with yellow batsymbol printed in relief. Also, you get a printed 2×2 tile in white, made to look like a newspaper; The Gotham Gazette to be exact. The headline reads, “Kneel Before Zod in Polls.” This tile has already started to show up in MOCs, especially those of the newsstand variety.

And that’s it! This concludes our look at The LEGO Batman Collectible Minifigures’ Second Wave. We hope you enjoyed all of the reviews. We hope you found them informative. And we hope you come back soon. We have so much more to bring you. The best way to not miss a thing is to Like our Facebook page!


LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure – Wave 2 – (16 of 20)

Jor-ElMinifigure: #16 of 20 – Jor-El
Released: January 1, 2018
MSRP: $3.99
Pieces: 8
Shop: LEGO

Here we are with our fourth look at the second LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigure Wave 2. This time we’ll look at the sixteenth minifigure in the series, the father of Superman, Jor-El. In The LEGO Batman Movie, the character only appears briefly, but LEGO felt that he deserved to be immortalized in their famous plastic world. Here’s what we thought about this classic character’s appearance.

img_1892Jor-El levels the playing field with this amazing hairpiece. While we’ve gotten that iconic forehead swoop in black numerous times with multiple inceptions of his son, and once in dark orange for the Agile Archer (coltgb-9) minifigure, from The LEGO Team GB used to recognize olympians, it’s this white version that looks amazing. The molding looks great when shadows contrast within the strands of hair, and against that dark shoulder piece, the white really pops.

The printing on the face also looks great with the great big bushy eyebrows in black on the flesh-colored minifigure head, and even the white beard was a good choice, instead of going with a beard element to get squeezed between the head and that shoulder piece. The Armor Space with Shoulder Protection is also exclusive in this color, despite being included with five previous minifigures; Calculator (coltlbm18) in white, Lloyd (70605) in black, Ultra Agents’ Infearno (uagt009) in red, Ultra Agents’ Toxikita (uagt025) in bright light orange, and Lex Luthor (sh292) of all people in lime.

Also exclusive to this figure is that white, round, 1×1 tile with the emblematic S print in black is the first time we’ve gotten a 1×1 tile in any color with that print. The black is perfectly centered and the lines are nice and crisp. As is the sash print on the torso and the slope, representing a robe, and the iconic S emblem on the chest.

However, fine printing doesn’t run through this figure. If you look below at the phone where the shoulder gear has been removed, you can see, the printing of that vertical sash design doesn’t line up when transitioning from the torso to the 2x2x2 with bottom tubes slope. Too, the S on the chest appears to be off-center, but admittedly, that may be an optical illusion because of the placement of that sash. img_1893

We’ve gotten that rock piece numerous times before, even in that color, and we’re not sure why it isn’t some sort of Kryptonian green, but whatever. And of course, there’s that baseplate that we’re getting through the entire series. It’s an imperfect minifigure and it isn’t our favorite character in the series. However, with the exclusive prints, it’s sure to be a hot item for collectors and completionists alike! Be sure to check back when we cover another minifigure from this series!