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The Girlfriend’s Perspective- The Nintendo Switch

I advertise as “the girlfriend” because I don’t have any real, deep rooted interest in most technology, but the man of the house is a video game and electronics junkie who brings the work home, and home to work. I do not and will not advertise that I am in any way a gamer expert, I’m simply giving a different perspective of feedback on what I experience. I don’t always like what I watch, hear, or test, but there are those magic moments where we can all agree that ‘this is cool.’ The Switch was one of those products for me.
The 32 gigabyte Nintendo Switch hit the market in March of 2017, and my family still cannot get over it. The Switch is Nintendo’s answer to the hand-held and console mashup, where you can play the device in three separate manners, making it super versatile and approachable to all styles of player types. Like mainstream consoles, The Switch provides you with the option to play in-store purchased games, and an online play store where you can purchase and download digital copies of games and explore free games and demos that are promoted.

The mechanics of the device is the basic screen with two side panels (called joy-cons) of buttons, as most other hand-held devices; however, the panels are removable by sliding them off. By pulling off the paper-thin kickstand that is attached to the back of the screen, the player can now watch the game in a free-standing position, while playing with one colored panel per hand (the joy-cons come in black, neon red, and neon blue). The third option is to simply detach the joy-cons, and slide them onto a separate skeleton remote, giving the player the ability to watch their screen and play using a close-to-proper controller. I don’t recommend the third option of using the joy-cons in the skeleton remote unless the player has small hands. When put together, the controller is a smaller than normal size, and if you’ve got big hands or long fingers, they may overlap in the back of the remote, and can be uncomfortable for certain games. The matter can only be left up to taste and personal comfortability.
So far, we’ve been able to enjoy The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, and the amiibos that come for the game. The Switch has several games that give the option to use their console accessory, the amiibo; it’s a small figurine, normally each game has several different characters that each would have their own amiibo. Their effect in the actual game vary, but as an example, in Legend of Zelda, the Wolf Link amiibo when pressed down on the joy stick of the joy-con will introduce a wolf to battle with your character. Other character amiibos may give your character health, food, or other fun possibilities. The drawback of the love for the amiibo is the use of generator is limited to a certain number of uses per day.

The quality of the games is just as wonderful as Nintendo has ever made games. Zelda has been great, Super Mario Odyssey has been great, but we find our store-purchase interests pretty much end here, and wander into the play store for the short demos or free games available. I am hopeful for the 2019 releases for Yoshi, where the nostalgic little dino gets his first stand-alone game on Switch. I’m looking forward to the core Pokemon game, but it doesn’t have a solid release date yet. I’m looking at you, November. The prices of Switch games vary but stay within the typical video game range of $40-60 on average. The console itself is around $300 depending on the variation the player is choosing (sometimes you can purchase packages at a discounted price).
Would I purchase the Nintendo Switch? Yes, and I have, and if my son were to ask me, I would probably buy one for him as well. The battery life is about 15 hours, it’s great for car rides, I can download and watch Hulu if I’m tired of focusing on the game, and it works as a fantastic paperweight while writing or paying your bills by an open window… It takes epic screenshots and has 4GB of memory capacity, it comes with its own docking station and USB cord. Purchase of badass case sold separately. Enjoy it.