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The Girlfriend’s Perspective- God of War

Though the game has been released for several months, and our household’s copy has already been beaten several times, I feel it necessary to share the love of God of War. Sony’s 2018 release of Playstation’s latest variation of the uber-popular franchise is my vote for best game of the year, and we haven’t even gotten to Spiderman yet (expected September 2018). The game has an emotional script, the most gorgeous graphics I’ve ever seen in a game, solid comic relief, and tons of side missions to allow the player to go off track whenever they please.

The story of the game begins with the death of Kranos’s wife, and the accepting of the mission to carry her ashes to her desired resting place, along with their young son, Atreus. Along the journey, much of the family’s unknown backstory unfolds before Atreus, leaving Kranos in an awkward position where he finds himself emotionally stuck between being a King-God of Badassary, and a good dad. Sad. Cute. But, I’m girlfriend’ing this up. The fight scenes that ensue are intense and violently creative. Atreus eventually develops into a character that you can utilize to help you fight. You can switch between characters during a fight scene, fight with Kranos, then shoot arrows with Atreus, and I like that in this game you’ve got a helping hand, instead of writing a script around a defenseless child.


The lists of items to collect in this game is the scratch to the OCD itch. Items collected allow the player to forge new weapons or upgrade personal items for both of your characters. There are times when you play for an hour or two just looking for items to collect. They’re abundant, they’re obvious, they give you experience points, and are collected until you find Brok, one of the blacksmith brothers, and upgrade your personal effects. The first opportunity you get to upgrade is the axe Kranos carries. After you’ve done a few missions and have collected enough items within the game, you’ll have to opportunity to upgrade weapons, bows, axes, armor, boots, and underclothes etc. Though side missions, solving riddles, and collecting isn’t a new concept to games in the slightest, I’m impressed by the amount and perceptive value of lists of things to do.

Mimir was a favorite character of mine, he was the comic relief character that was used in the script of the game to keep things from getting too heavy between Kranos and Atreus during difficult family realizations. Mimir tags along as a severed head that is tied to the back of Kranos’s armor, he’s got a Scottish accent, and has the most humorous one-liners and quips of the game. He’s kind of metal.


The graphics in God of War are some of the most impressive graphics I may have ever seen. Not just on my own TV, but ever. It’s one of the clearest, most thoughtfully detailed, most close-to-realistic graphic creation out, with the closest comparison possibly being Assasin’s Creed: Origins. There’s not much else to say on the matter, other than someone needs to get an award. If I’m overdoing it, I suggest you mute the, listen to the soundtrack for the movie 300, and play. (I know the difference between Nords and Spartans, but, 300 may be a good visual representation.)

Would I let my kid play it? He’s 9. I think I’ll still wait. It’s not like it’s a Viking Grand Theft Auto, but it’s got some graphic violence, and a little bad language, so personally I’d prefer to wait on that aspect of it sharing it, but as far as anyone who is interested in third-person quest games, this ranks as one of my top favorites and I recommend you get it, try it, hate Atreus for a few days, then LOVE it.

Score 4:5